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Epic Voyages is a full-service boutique travel agency located in Tustin, California, specializing in unforgettable cruise getaways and large group adventures. Our 20 years of experience in cruising and group travel planning, powered by the full-service travel agency TripMatters, allows us to cover all aspects of your journey. This includes organizing flights through our Air Desk and providing after-hours emergency support. As Virtuoso travel specialists, we are part of the top luxury travel consortia in the world. Our customers get more value, perks and benefits from the best hotels, cruise and travel companies. Our strong industry relationships with key individuals at leading hotel properties and travel companies give us the clout to make things happen for our customers.

Meet our team

Marilyn Vincent

Managing Partner

Diane Caruso

Managing Partner

Nancy Doerbandt

Managing Partner


Ricci Zukerman

President & CEO

Carl Fabruada

Managing Partner

Yossi Mymon

Managing Partner

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